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221981 2011-0710WHA-GW-*Product Specifications2 Product Specifications2.1 IntroductionThe HART® communication protocol (Highway Addressable Remote Tra

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WHA-GW-*Product Specifications221981 2011-0711The WirelessHART network is built up, organized and maintained by the WirelessHART Gateway and is theref

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221981 2011-0712WHA-GW-*Product Specifications2.2.1 Network ManagementThe WirelessHART Gateway contains a network manager. The network manager takes c

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WHA-GW-*Product Specifications221981 2011-0713In the next step, the network manager sends scheduling information to the field device. The field device

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221981 2011-0714WHA-GW-*Product SpecificationsFigure 2.3Network structure and corresponding I/O structureIf a WirelessHART device loses communication

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WHA-GW-*Product Specifications221981 2011-0715Long Tag EmulationThe WirelessHART communication protocol uses the long tag to address devices. However,

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221981 2011-0716WHA-GW-*Product Specifications2.3 Scope of DeliveryThe scope of delivery of the WirelessHART Gateway includes:•Device WHA-GW-*,• Anten

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WHA-GW-*Product Specifications221981 2011-0717Connections and InterfacesFigure 2.5Connections and Interfaces1 Grounding terminal2 RS-485 interfaces, d

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221981 2011-0718WHA-GW-*Installation3Installation3.1 Mounting Considerations3.1.1 Positioning the GatewayInstall the Gateway first, before installing

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WHA-GW-*Installation221981 2011-0719The following diagrams show the antenna gain in two different planes.Figure 3.1Antenna gain (side view, 2450 MHz,

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With regard to the supply of products, the current issue of the following document is ap-plicable: The General Terms of Delivery for Products and Serv

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221981 2011-0720WHA-GW-*Installation3.1.3 Examples for Good and Poor PositioningFigure 3.3Wave propagation, schematic representation (alpha = approx.

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WHA-GW-*Installation221981 2011-0721Figure 3.5Poor positioning: Devices are not within each others antenna rangexy

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221981 2011-0722WHA-GW-*Installation3.2 Mounting the GatewayThe mounting location should be well accessible for mounting and electrical installation.

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WHA-GW-*Installation221981 2011-0723Figure 3.6Mounting holes and housing screwsMounting the Gateway1. Drill 2 holes into the mounting surface so that

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221981 2011-0724WHA-GW-*InstallationPin assignment of the Ethernet plugYou do not need an Ethernet plug to connect the Ethernet cable to the Gateway.

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WHA-GW-*Installation221981 2011-0725Crossover or straight through wiringThere are different types of Ethernet cables, depending on the application. In

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221981 2011-0726WHA-GW-*InstallationConnecting to Ethernet Network1. Unscrew the 4 screws of the housing cover (see Figure 3.6 on page 23).2. Remove t

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WHA-GW-*Installation221981 2011-0727Wiring with a T568A plugWiring with a T568B plugGateway wiring with a T568A plugGateway Terminal Crossover wiring

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221981 2011-0728WHA-GW-*Installation3.4 Connecting to RS-485The Gateway is equipped with a fully galvanic isolated RS-485 interface. The interface is

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WHA-GW-*Installation221981 2011-0729Connecting to RS-4851. Unscrew the 4 screws of the housing cover (see Figure 3.6 on page 23).2. Remove the housing

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WHA-GW-*31 Safety... 61.1 Validity ...

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221981 2011-0730WHA-GW-*Installation3.5 Connecting the AntennaAn antenna is supplied with the device. However, if the device is mounted indoors, or if

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WHA-GW-*Installation221981 2011-07313.6 Connecting to Power Supply and GroundingThere are two 24 V dc power supply terminal blocks located inside the

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221981 2011-0732WHA-GW-*Installation7. If you want to connect a redundant power supply (optional), draw the second power cable through the cable gland

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WHA-GW-*Commissioning221981 2011-07334 Commissioning4.1 Important Steps to Getting StartedThere are different possibilities how to connect to the gate

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WHA-GW-*Commissioning221981 2011-0734Where to download the required software?1. Visit and scroll down to the bottom of the page

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WHA-GW-*Commissioning221981 2011-0735Installing the required Software1. Install the Microsoft® .NET Framework by starting the corresponding setup.exe

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WHA-GW-*Commissioning221981 2011-07364.4 Connecting via RS485Once the Gateway has been connected to the RS485 bus (see chapter 3.4), you may connect t

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WHA-GW-*Commissioning221981 2011-07374.5 Connecting via EthernetOnce the gateway has been connected to the Ethernet (see chapter 3.3), you are ready t

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WHA-GW-*Commissioning221981 2011-0738Entering IP address and subnet mask6. Choose Use the following IP address and type into the field I

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WHA-GW-*Commissioning221981 2011-0739Adding RS485 Communication DTM1. Select the entry HOST PC in the project view of your PACTware project.2. Choose

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4WHA-GW-*4.5 Creating a new PACTware Project ...384.5.1 Creating a n

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WHA-GW-*Commissioning221981 2011-0740Parameter window of HART communication DTM6. Set the parameters according to the following table.7. Click OK to s

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WHA-GW-*Commissioning221981 2011-0741Adding Ethernet Communication DTM1. Select the entry HOST PC in the project view.2. Choose Device > Add device

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WHA-GW-*Commissioning221981 2011-0742Parameter window of Ethernet communication DTM6. Set the parameters according to your preferences. In most cases,

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WHA-GW-*Commissioning221981 2011-07434.6.3 Adding Device DTMAdding the Device DTM1. In the project view, right-click on the entry of the communication

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WHA-GW-*Commissioning221981 2011-07444. Click OK.The Gateway DTM is added to the project (see on page 44). You may continue with parameterizing the G

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WHA-GW-*Configuration221981 2011-07455 Configuration5.1 Configuration via DTM or Web InterfaceThere are two possible ways of configuring the device:•

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WHA-GW-*Configuration221981 2011-07464. Type the IP address of the Gateway into the browser's address field. The factory default is 192.168 .1.1.

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WHA-GW-*Configuration221981 2011-0747Parameterizing offline1. Right-click the device entry in the PACTware project.A context menu opens.2. Choose Para

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WHA-GW-*Configuration221981 2011-07485.3 Identification ParametersThe identification parameters provide various information about the device and ident

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WHA-GW-*Configuration221981 2011-07495.4 Wireless Communication Parameters5.4.1 SetupThe setup parameters contain the necessary information for establ

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WHA-GW-*58 Troubleshooting ... 888.1 Faults indicated by Gateway LEDs ...

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WHA-GW-*Configuration221981 2011-0750Wireless Communication Parameters - SetupCaution!Possible loss of connection when changing Network IDIf you chang

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WHA-GW-*Configuration221981 2011-07515.4.2 Instrument ListHere you will find information on the devices within the WirelessHART network. The Instrumen

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WHA-GW-*Configuration221981 2011-0752Behaviour of list items in the Instrument List• Whenever a wireless device joins the network, it will be automati

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WHA-GW-*Configuration221981 2011-0753Wireless Communication Parameters - Instrument ListNetwork Explorer – Instrument ListParameter Description Defaul

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WHA-GW-*Configuration221981 2011-07545.4.3 Burst ListsBurst mode is a special communication mode in which a HART slave device sends responses to a par

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WHA-GW-*Configuration221981 2011-0755• Publishing of at least one command will also ensure that the cached status information is updated for cached co

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WHA-GW-*Configuration221981 2011-0756Network Explorer – Burst Messages5.5 Wired Communication Parameters5.5.1 Interfaces > SerialThe Gateway can co

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WHA-GW-*Configuration221981 2011-0757Wired Communication Parameters - Serial Interface5.5.2 Interfaces > EthernetThe Gateway can connect to the hos

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WHA-GW-*Configuration221981 2011-0758Wired Communication Parameters - Ethernet InterfaceParameter Description DefaultIP configuration mode (DHCP, DNS)

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WHA-GW-*Configuration221981 2011-07595.5.3 Protocols > HARTThe protocol parameters configure the protocols that run over the serial interface or th

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221981 2011-076WHA-GW-*Safety1Safety1.1 ValidityThe chapter “Safety” is valid as instruction manual.Specific process and instructions in this document

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WHA-GW-*Configuration221981 2011-07605.5.4 Protocols > ModbusThe protocol parameters configure the protocols that run over the serial interface or

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WHA-GW-*Configuration221981 2011-0761Wired Communication Parameters - MODBUS protocolParameter Description DefaultBus Address Selection (serial)Select

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WHA-GW-*Configuration221981 2011-07625.6 Network Explorer TablesCertain information provided by the gateway DTM is displayed using the "Network E

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WHA-GW-*Configuration221981 2011-0763In the Network Explorer tree structure on the left, all devices within the network are listed (see Figure 5.9 on

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221981 2011-0764WHA-GW-*Operation6 Operation6.1 Controls and IndicatorsInside the gateway housing there are LED indicators, DIP switches and buttons.

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WHA-GW-*Operation221981 2011-07656.1.1 LEDsFigure 6.2LED indicatorsLED indicators1 RS-485 communication status (yellow LED)2 Power supply (green LED)3

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221981 2011-0766WHA-GW-*Operation6.1.2 Buttons and DIP switchesFigure 6.3Buttons inside the gateway housingLED flashes A HART or MODBUS message is rec

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WHA-GW-*Operation221981 2011-0767Figure 6.4DIP switchesFunction of button [A + B] (security mode enabled)> 3 seconds Network Manager reset: When pr

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221981 2011-0768WHA-GW-*OperationOFF ON OFF ON 10ON ON OFF ON 11OFF OFF ON ON 12ON OFF ON ON 13OFF ON ON ON 14ON ON ON ON 15DIP switches 1 ... 4SW1 SW

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WHA-GW-*Operation221981 2011-07696.2 DiagnosisThe Diagnosis function provides detailed information about the device, wireless/wired communication and

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WHA-GW-*Safety221981 2011-0771.3 Target Group/StaffThe plant owner is responsible for its planning, installation, commissioning, operation, maintenanc

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221981 2011-0770WHA-GW-*Operation6.2.2 Wireless CommunicationDiagnosis > Wireless Communication > Details provides information about the Wireles

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WHA-GW-*Operation221981 2011-0771Network Explorer – Details6.2.3 Wired CommunicationWired Communication provides information about the interfaces that

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221981 2011-0772WHA-GW-*OperationFigure 6.8Diagnosis > Wired Communication > HARTDiagnosis - Wired Communication - HARTNumber of responses retur

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WHA-GW-*Operation221981 2011-0773Ethernet Communication FaultNon-recoverable hardware fault within the communication controller associated with the Et

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221981 2011-0774WHA-GW-*Operation6.3 Additional DTM FunctionsAccessing the Additional Functions windows1. In the PACTware project, right-click on the

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WHA-GW-*Operation221981 2011-07756.3.1 ResetFigure 6.9Additional Functions > ResetAdditional Functions > Reset6.3.2 Self TestAfter pressing the

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221981 2011-0776WHA-GW-*Operation6.3.3 Set DTM addressThe table in the Set DTM address window shows the WirelessHART devices configured in the PACTwar

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WHA-GW-*Operation221981 2011-07776.3.4 Set device addressThe table in the Set device address window shows the WirelessHART devices in the network. The

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221981 2011-0778WHA-GW-*Operation6.3.5 List EditorFigure 6.12Additional Functions > List EditorThe Instrument List backup table is a backup copy of

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WHA-GW-*Operation221981 2011-0779The Instrument List backup is stored to your hard drive.5. To import a file from your hard drive, press Import Table

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221981 2011-078WHA-GW-*Safety1.7 Intended UseThe devices are only approved for appropriate and intended use. Ignoring these instructions will void any

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221981 2011-0780WHA-GW-*Operation6.3.8 Firmware UpgradeUpgrading the Gateway's firmware1. In the web interface (see chapter 5.1), choose Addition

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WHA-GW-*Operation221981 2011-0781Firmware Upgrade: Installation completed6.4 Network EnhancementOnce the WirelessHART network is running, there are so

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221981 2011-0782WHA-GW-*OperationFigure 6.14Eliminating a bottleneckExpand the NetworkIn an industrial environment, there are several potential obstac

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WHA-GW-*Operation221981 2011-0783If there are problems with other wireless technologies disrupting the WirelessHART network, you should configure the

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221981 2011-0784WHA-GW-*Operation6.5.2 Modbus Mapping DescriptionFigure 6.15Parameter > Wired Communication > Protocols > ModbusMapping rules

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WHA-GW-*Operation221981 2011-0785Modbus specific statusHART device statusModbus Register Value Description FormatSub-device Index (CMD 84)30013 30014

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221981 2011-0786WHA-GW-*OperationDynamic variable mapping formatFor each HART device, the 5 possible CMD 3 floating-point dynamic variables are sequen

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WHA-GW-*Maintenance and repair221981 2011-07877 Maintenance and repair7. 1 W H A - G W *The national requirements apply to maintenance, servicing, and

Seite 87 - 7 Maintenance and repair

221981 2011-0788WHA-GW-*Troubleshooting8 Troubleshooting8.1 Faults indicated by Gateway LEDsFaults indicated by Gateway LEDs8.2 Wired Communication Fa

Seite 88 - 8 Troubleshooting

WHA-GW-*Troubleshooting221981 2011-07898.3 Wireless Communication FaultsFault Possible cause Corrective actionThe Gateway cannot find a WirelessHARTde

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WHA-GW-*Safety221981 2011-079The installation instructions in accordance with IEC/EN 60079-14 must be observed.Connection or disconnection of energize

Seite 90 - 9 Technical specifications

221981 2011-0790WHA-GW-*Technical specifications9 Technical specifications9.1 WHA-GWNumber of channels 2-channel Interface HART®, HART® UDP, MODBUS RT

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WHA-GW-*Technical specifications221981 2011-0791Controls 2 push buttons:- restore HART configuration- restore communication configuration Directive c

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221981 2011-0792WHA-GW-*Technical specifications9.2 Telecommunication Compliance• ETSI (R&TTE),• FCC Part 15.247 for wireless applications in the

Seite 93 - 10 Appendix A

WHA-GW-*Appendix A221981 2011-079310 Appendix A10.1 Supported CommandsThe following tables show the HART commands supported by the device.10.1.1 Unive

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WHA-GW-*Appendix A221981 2011-079410.1.2 Common Practice Commands10.1.3 Wireless CommandsCommand Action DescriptionDevice Management Commands41 Perfor

Seite 95

WHA-GW-*Appendix A221981 2011-079510.1.4 Device Commands10.2 Software LicenseOpen source software informationThe product you have bought uses open sou


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