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Seite 1 - Instruction Manual

RMT-10 VHFRack-Mount TransmitterInstruction Manual099-0068D


RF NoiseProblems with RF noise sources (fluorescent lights, car ignitions, industrialequipment, etc.) are quite rare. Defective fluorescent lighting f

Seite 3 - Transmitter 3

SpecificationsProduct Description: VHF audio transmitterFrequency Control: Single frequency, crystal controlledFrequency Stability:±0.005%Operating Fr

Seite 4 - Introduction

Quick StartPlease see Figure 1 and the instructions on the next page for a quick start.A Word to Vega UsersIn selecting Vega equipment, you are in the

Seite 5 - Installation

Transmitter 35. Put on rack-mount (1a) “ears” or (1b) rubber feet (for details see “Installation”next page).6. Attach the whip antenna (see the “Whip

Seite 6 - 6 Vega RMT-10

IntroductionThis document describes setup, adjustment, and operation only; detailedmaintenance information is not included. If you have any questions,

Seite 7 - Adjustments

InstallationThe RMT-10 can be mounted in a standard 19-inch (48-cm) rack, or operate standingalone. For stand-alone operation: Peel off the four rubbe

Seite 8 - Troubleshooting

Whip Antenna LengthFor optimum antenna efficiency, the wire whip may be cut to length. Do NOT try to cutthe whip with wire cutters, the whip is made f

Seite 9 - Transmitter 9

Power supply negative (–) to the outer conductorPower supply positive (+) to the inner conductorAdjustmentsNote: Normal setup and operation does not r

Seite 10 - Warranty (Limited)

For use with Clearcom or RTS intercoms, or for 70-volt line applications, use thesame basic adjustment procedures as above.Frequency-Compensation Adju

Seite 11 - Specifications

AntennasProper mounting and placement of antenna(s) is vitally important in wireless systems.If overlooked, antennas might cause unnecessary problems.

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